Welcome to Supplier Relations

EnscoRowan is committed to conducting business ethically and legally throughout the world. This commitment extends to dealings with all of our vendors and suppliers. We have developed these Principles to clarify global expectation of our Suppliers.

EnscoRowan Vendor & Supplier Business Integrity Principles

To help facilitate purchase transactions, suppliers are encouraged to understand EnscoRowan’s Purchase Order Worldwide Terms and Conditions and to utilize our training materials to more easily navigate the EnscoRowan Vendor Portal.  

Purchase Order Worldwide Terms and Conditions
IADC Global Supply Chain Committee Trade Compliance Guidelines
Vendor Service PO Process 
Service Summary Timesheet Report 
Service Work Final Cost Report 

For training support, contact us at vendor support.
Supplier Portal Issue Reporting Checklist

How to training videos:

E-Supplier Screen Setup 
E-Supplier RFQ Response
E-Supplier Respond Acknowledge Purchase Order
E-Supplier Deny Purchase Order
Create a Self Service invoice
Review Payment Information
View Self Service Invoice
Print Self Service Invoice

Training documentation:

E-Supplier Screen Set Up
E-Supplier RFQ Response
E-Supplier Respond Acknowledge Purchase Order
E-Supplier Deny Purchase Order
E-Settlement Create a Self Service invoice
E-Settlement View Self Service Invoice
E-Settlement Print Self Service Invoice
E-Settlement -Review Payment Information.pdf